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Either model can be changed to suit your taste with various options, as many owners of original classics have done. Our specialty is getting all the small details just right, from the configuration of the competition jackpads to the exposed roll bar. Click here to get more visual details! Customer Image Gallery. Look throught the many variations on the ERA Roadsters. All the necessary ducting, valves and controls are included. And, by lengthening the footboxes, we have even increased the interior room without lengthening the wheelbase or widening the cockpit.

The staandard car has leg room for people up to 6'3" tall and minor modifications can add an extra one or two inches of leg room and available height. Unlike most other kits that use a single fiberglass interior tub, the E. This is more work for us, but leaves you with less weight, more efficiency and better access.


An authentic replica! Just like a real car! The shift linkage is correctly located, and we include a trim ring and boot just like the original. A replica of the original modified Ford shift handle is optional, with variations to fit Ford or Hurst linkage. Since the linkage is moved toward the back of the transmission, E. We even include tubes that extend from the tunnel to the dashboard, like the original car. The integration of our body , interior panels and supporting frame creates a unique structure among kit cars. On the road, the E. Other manufacturers bond the inner panels, hinge and latch supports directly to the backside of the outer body.

On the E. Because it carries no supporting loads, the body will remain straight and stress-crack-free for a long, long, time. THE E. The original roadster's narrow ladder frame was its weak link. So - we changed the chassis - for the better. All the body support s are integrated into the basic design, and the suspension pickup points are the basis of the chassis design, not the other way around.

We also use the fiberglass and aluminum inner panels to further stiffen the basic structure. Predictable handling. Reliable longevity. Good camber gain and anti-dive are designed into the geometry. Because we started with a clean design slate, we were able to avoid the problems associated with using a donor car's pieces and geometry.

Backdraft Racing - Custom Cobra Kit Car Manufacturers | Backdraft Racing

In other words, it's correct for the car, not a compromise. We have allowed more than 6" of wheel travel. It's almost impossible to bottom out this car! We also have duplicated the original cars "X" spring mount for visual authenticity. Because the steering knuckle is GM based, all wearing parts - bearings, seals, ball joints and standard brake parts - are cheap and easy to get. More Details The standard E.

Except for minor housing details, the Salisbury center section is identical to the one used on the original car and has proved reliable with very high horsepower engines. A limited slip differential is available. Because the gearset used is identical to the Dana 44 series, there is a good choice of affordable gear sets.


This subframe isolates the suspension and differential noise, vibration and harshness from the chassis and allows us to properly feed suspension loads into the chassis. The subframe with all the suspension is a simple bolt-in, and may be installed or removed very quickly. Our own urethane-bushed and heim-jointed trailing arms are included to locate the rear axles. Anti-squat geometry is designed in, and an anti-roll bar is optional. We stock used XJ6 cores and sell them at our cost, as is, but you can usually find one locally even cheaper.

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For those not wishing to do their own rebuilding, we offer complete rebuilt units. If you build your own, we will modify the parts at no charge with the purchase of our subframe. With outboard brakes and improved geometry, it is still mounted in a subframe for noise and vibration isolation.


While the new design offers little improvement for street use, it has definite advantages for the track. The weakest link on the Jaguar inboard brakes was high speed cooling. Because the E. Primary exhaust pipes, though, are only available for the Ford FE and some Ford small block engines, although anything can be custom made. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Details: www. Auction Vehicle.

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In , legendary driver and car designer Carroll Shelby was taking orders for his new Series Contact Seller. Superformance Cobra.

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  5. A Friday morning drive in a Replica Cobra racecar;
  6. Superformance is the only company licensed to sell Shelby Cobra replicas. This exceptional vehi Big block fun - loaded with the upgraded benefit of being fully automatic for ease and convenie Refine Search. The legendary driver was highly regarded both for his driving ability and mechanical skills. With a roar of the V8 engine, I was ready to go. Now the only thing to do was to make sure I stayed on the track.

    And without traction control, or any driver assists, the car relied solely on your own expertise. Thankfully, our first lapping session was a slow one that gave you the opportunity to not only learn the track, but to also get familiar with the cars while following the Chevrolet Impala pace-car. And there was a lot to get familiar with.

    Classic Shelby Cobra for Sale

    All the while, making sure you aimed for the correct cones set out on the track, without hitting them. But with the short-wheelbase, and the powerful engine, a simple release of the gas, brought the Cobra back in line. As the morning progressed, the track started to dry out as other participants had the chance to go out, and for our second lapping session the instructor in the pace-car brought the speed up, and we would rotate the leader, through a signal from the pace-car, moving from front to the back of the pack.

    This way the instructor in the pace-car could keep an eye on each of the participants, making sure that they had both hands on the wheel, that they were shifting properly and that they were taking the corners properly. I was leading the pack when I accidently went around the cones, rather than through the cones. Our third and final session was much like the second session, but at a lot faster speed.

    Because each driver was different, some would be slower than others. And the leader always set the pace. With a drier track, the pace-car took off and kept a higher speed. By the time I got around, several of the cones had been knocked over by other participants as they tried to keep up to the pace-car. I also had the sense that I was going to get lapped, even without mirrors. Thankfully, because this was not a race, it was strongly frowned upon if you tried to pass someone, or tried to race.

    The great thing about this is that everyone is there to have fun, and learn a few skills that they can take onto the road with them — making them a better driver. Getting back into my own car, was a different experience all together — after spending a few hours behind the wheel of the racecar — having to get used to both a much more responsive clutch and power steering.