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Anita Melillo Biography Anita Melillo lives in the mountains of Colorado and has always had a passion for adventure and writing. Her novel, "The Great Empty" is an Australian outback adventure novel. It is written in a contemporary fiction style, and a coming-of-age story about an unbridled youth that gets lost in the outback and learns to survive with the help of an Aborigine boy. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Institutional Login. LOG IN. In this Book. Additional Information. Table of Contents.

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Bloody Valverde: A Civil War Battle on the Rio Grande, February 21, 1862

Foreword pp. Acknowledgments p. Introduction pp. When it returned to the Confederate line, the lancer company rearmed itself with pistols and shotguns and continued fighting in the battle. By p.

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Canby decided that a massive frontal assault would fail and instead decided to attack the Confederate left; to do so, he ordered one of his batteries on his right to redeploy closer to the Confederate line and moved several companies to his right, including Carson's First New Mexico Regiment which crossed the river and took its place in line. However, this repositioning of the troops weakened the center of the Union line and the battery on Canby's left.

At this time, Green ordered the Confederate right wing under the command of Scurry to charge the Union center and the battery on its left; the attack force of men was arranged into three successive waves. The shock of the Confederate charge caused over half of the battery's supporting force to rout; Lockridge was mortally wounded during the attack.

The Federals countered with a cavalry charge, but the main Confederate force continued to press their assault on Canby's left flank, capturing six artillery pieces and breaking the Union battle line, which soon turned into a panic-stricken retreat of both regular troops and New Mexico volunteers. Canby managed to reorganize his men, minus about deserters from among the New Mexico volunteers, and ordered a retreat back to Fort Craig leaving the road northward toward Santa Fe open to the Confederates.

February 21: The Battle of Valverde, the Founding of NASCAR, and Other Events of the Date

Left in possession of the battlefield, the Confederates gained the victory but had suffered substantial casualties, reporting 36 killed, wounded, and one missing out of 2, men. However, he was severely hampered by the losses in horses and mules from the battle, which forced him to dismount the 4th Texas as infantry and to destroy some supplies and wagons. He would remain with the main body at Fort Craig to cut off the Confederates' supply line and to intercept reinforcements for Sibley, eventually hoping to pin the main Confederate body between himself and Union reinforcements from Fort Union.

Neither Sibley nor Canby received high marks for their generalship during the battle. Sibley was indisposed by alcohol and illness and spent most of the day riding in an ambulance.

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Green was the de facto commander and it was his aggressive attack on Canby's center and left that won the battle. Canby blamed the New Mexican volunteers, mostly Hispanics, for his loss—but his decision to reinforce his right while weakening his center and left was the real cause of the Union defeat. The volunteers were advancing and thought they were winning the battle. They were incredulous when Canby gave the order to retreat. The battle represented Canby's low point in his military career and Sibley's high point.

How the West Wasn't Won

Both men would go opposite directions to the terms of reputation after the battle. It was rumored following the battle that the two commanders of these battles, Canby and Sibley, who had been allies and trained together earlier, might have actually been brothers-in-law. However, research showed that there is little if any evidence that they were related by marriage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sibley's New Mexico Campaign.

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